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Pico Building Supply Corp.

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We make window screens. Bring your measurements and we do the rest. We have different screens to choose from. Customers can even request a professional to help with measurements provided its within the local area.


Broken glass window? Need Replacement? No Problem. Here at PBS we do window screen cuttings. We can cut windows to your specific dimensions. We do regular windows, double pane windows. Come check us out!


Come get your paint right here! We have a wide selection of colors. We have a color lookup database that allows us to make almost any color available. We can also color match any color your want. All you have to do is bring a sample of the color and we do the rest. Come get your paint!


Locked yourself out again? tired of only having no spare keys? Come to Pico Building supply Store. We can make copies of almost every key available.


We do pipe threading here! We sell galvanized pipes as well as plumbing and gas pipes. We thread them here to any size you'd like. Come check us out.

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John B. is an experienced Construction Consultant. He has been in the business for many years and has and is a consultant to many successful contractors. Call to schedule an appointment!

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